One of the most difficult aspects of running any business is the collection of monies owed. Issues such as time, resources, and existing relationships can make the process of collecting a debt difficult or sometimes impossible for any business. Our Collection Practice Group understands these issues and has been successfully recovering debts for our clients for over thirteen years.

We represent a wide variety of local clients in collection matters, including medical providers, attorneys, small businesses, and corporations. Our experienced Collection Practice Group will work directly with you to develop and implement a productive collections strategy.

Our firm’s experience in representing creditors also gives us valuable insight when representing debtors in court. If you need an attorney to represent you at a payment hearing or at a trial or to draft court documents in collections matters, our attorneys are ready to assist you in defending a lawsuit.

The Collection Process:

One of the most costly and time-consuming aspects of collecting a debt is the first step in any collections matter, locating the debtor. The truth is many businesses and individuals simply cannot afford to take the time away from running their daily operations to conduct a proper skip trace. Our Collection Practice Group can do this work for you using both traditional resources and the internet to determine the location of a debtor.

Once located, our Collection Practice Group will then ethically and professionally commence the collections process with the required demand letter. If the matter cannot be resolved outside of the courts, our Collection Practice Group will promptly file a claim in a court of competent jurisdiction and seek a judgment against the debtor. Our Collection Group will also seek to secure your position through liens in cases where the debtor holds an interest in real property.


Matters handled by our Collection Practices Group are handled on either a contingency fee basis or on an hourly basis, depending on the circumstances of your case. The fees and costs incurred will frequently be added to the amount of any judgment we can obtain, so that the debtor will reimburse you for your costs of collection. We will take a percentage of what is collected as our fee. Our Collection Practices Group will work diligently to ensure that you recover the sums owed to you in an expeditious manner.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Collections Matter With A Lawyer:

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