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Last updated on August 5, 2020

It Is Your Future On The Line. Who Do You Want Representing You?

At Small & Lee Attorneys at Law, presenting your criminal defense is a responsibility that we take very seriously. It is you who could face jail time and live with a criminal record that could impact your ability to get a job, obtain a mortgage or financial aid or even join the armed forces. We guarantee that we always put your best interests first, providing realistic and experienced advice on which you can rely.

We work with prosecutors to help you obtain a favorable plea agreement, scrutinize the evidence to determine if we can have the charges dismissed and do everything possible under the law to reduce the impact that legal and ancillary consequences can have on your life.

Contact our law office in Nashua at 603-318-0025 to talk to a criminal defense attorney. We provide effective representation throughout New Hampshire for any state misdemeanor or felony offense, including:

Caution: Do Not Enter Into A Plea Agreement Without Talking To A Lawyer

Plea agreements can be a very effective tool for us to help you reduce the severity of charges and penalties, avoid jail time and even lower the cost of resolving your matter. In fact, the majority of cases end with a plea bargain. Do not enter into a plea agreement without an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.

Prosecutors do not have your best interests in mind. Let us negotiate or at least review your case and proposed agreement to determine if it is a deal that benefits you, not just the prosecutor.

When you enter into a plea agreement, you agree to give up important constitutional rights. You may also be unaware of the ancillary consequences such as the impact on other rights, like the right to own a firearm, or even your immigration status.

Call Us. We Put Your Interests First. Period.

We will fiercely protect your rights, but we do so at a cost that is affordable to you. Contact us even if you have already been offered a plea deal. A lawyer can review your case and the agreement.

Call us at 603-318-0025 or send us an email with a brief description of your situation.

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