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Last updated on August 5, 2020

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Seeing the flashing lights of a patrol car can be extremely frightening, especially if you recently consumed a drink or two. A drunk driving offense may even be your first experience with law enforcement. How much will this cost? Do I have to tell my employer? Will I face jail time? What do I do now? You call an experienced DUI/DWI/OUI attorney at 603-318-0025.

Did you blow a .08 BAC or above on your breath test? All is not lost. Breath tests are subject to many errors that can lead to faulty evidence.

Since 1993, the lawyers at Small & Lee Attorneys at Law, have helped individuals charged with drunk driving. We help you understand the charges, the penalties that you could face and provide honest advice about what you should expect based on your circumstances. It takes only one meeting for you to know that we are vested in your case.

Our office is located in Nashua, but we can represent you regardless of where you were pulled over in New Hampshire. Live out of state? We can help you too.

What Are Some Of The Potential Penalties?

Under New Hampshire law, drunk driving is a crime, not a traffic offense. A first offense could lead to a minimum:

  • Fine of $500
  • Loss of license for three months up to two years
  • Alcohol and drug abuse screening
  • Impaired Driver Education Program

A subsequent offense or other aggravating circumstances could result in higher fines, longer periods of license suspension or revocation, ignition interlock devices and even jail time. These penalties have not even started to address the ancillary consequences, including:

  • Impact on employment: CDL holders, pilots, nurses, teachers or even those with a strict termination policy
  • Increased car, health or life insurance premiums or dropped coverage
  • Impair ability to obtain loans or financial aid
  • Affect immigration status

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We can discuss your DUI traffic stop in a complimentary consultation. Our entire team of professionals is experienced and knowledgeable. Call 603-318-0025. You may also email our team by completing a form online.

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