Attorney Representation In Nashua For Drug Offenses

Last updated on August 5, 2020

Talk To Us. Don’t Talk To The Police.

Whether you have been charged with possession of marijuana or may be under investigation for methamphetamine production, do not talk to the police. You are putting your rights at risk, regardless of how friendly they are or what promises they make. Call a defense lawyer at Small & Lee Attorneys at Law, at 603-318-0025.

We provide a different kind of law firm experience. Our office is in Nashua, but we represent individuals throughout New Hampshire.

At Small & Lee Attorneys at Law, we utilize every legal tool on hand to help you resolve your drug offense. Our attorneys provide honest and straightforward advice, setting expectations on which you can rely.

The Prosecution Is Building A Case Against You. We’ll Take It Apart.

A good defense starts with a thorough understanding of the evidence. We scrutinize every aspect of the prosecution’s case to determine how we can reduce or dismiss the charges. Illegal searches, coerced confessions and much more can become the basis of your defense.

Do you plan to go to college? Even a minor drug offense could impact admissions and your ability to obtain financial aid.

Do you have a criminal record? We look at prior offenses that could be used in error to enhance your charge. We also search for mitigating factors that can be used in plea agreements or during sentencing.

Start Building Your Case Now.

Have you been charged with a drug-related offense? Schedule an appointment immediately. Call us at 603-318-0025. You can also send us your information online.

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