Wills – Who Needs One?

Having a will drawn up is an important yet sometimes frightening task. Many people tend to delay having their will done because they view it as a sign of their own mortality. While it is true that it is often unpleasant to consider the time when you or a loved one will die, it is crucial to have your will drawn up now to avoid confusion later.

The urgency is even greater for those who have minor children. In these cases, not only does a parent have to decide how they would like their worldly possessions divided, but they must also make provisions for the care of their children including the decision as to whom will care for them.

These decisions are in no way easy, however, without them, you could be leaving your child unprotected.

There are other considerations to be made when deciding what type of wills to have done. A living will should be considered. It will protect you in the event that you become injured or critically ill. The living will expresses clearly your desires regarding the disconnecting of life-support systems in these circumstances.

In addition to the living will, a durable health care power of attorney should be done. These give authority to another to exercise your wishes as expressed in your living will. They can also give authority for another to conduct day to day business for you in the event that you become ill or incapacitated.

It’s Clear…Everyone Needs To Have A Will.

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